Best Vegan Alternative to Gelatin

If you are trying to find a great alternative to gelatin which is extracted from animals then you might consider using a plant based extract like carrageenan. While the term may sound new to you, it has been used in food for many decades and if you looked inside your fridge you’d probably find foods with this extract. As a conscientious shopper, you want to make sure the food you are eating is produced and prepared in a humane, ethical manner so migrating away from animal based gelatin to healthier alternatives like carrageenan is a great decision on your part.

Finding the Best Suppliers of Non-Animal Based Products

The initial step is identifying the companies that are producing these non-animal, vegan certified products. When you have the names of all the companies that are producing these extracts you will need to carefully assess each of them to try and determine whether they are a suitable match for your requirements.


Look at the certifications of the company that is manufacturing these products, what organization accredited them with their “organic” and “vegan” certifications? This is a pretty important question since there are shadow companies who are issuing these accreditations but it’s nothing more than a sham so be sure the organization that issued the accreditation is legitimate and respectable.

Even when the company issuing the “vegan” and “organic” certifications is legitimate and respectable mistakes can still happen. What you should do is find out whether the company that is providing the non-animal based products has any active or past recalls in the last year. If there were or currently are recalls in place then it would be really smart on your end to remove that specific company from your list.

Getting a Great Deal

When you are satisfied that the company producing these non-animal based products is legit then you can start looking for the merchants that are selling these products. Gather the names of all the vendors that are offering these products, after you have their respective names you should check out the prices that each of them are quoting for the same amount of product. What some firms do is change the standard weights they use so the quoted price appears lower but in reality, it is the same or higher compared to competitors.

After you have worked through the pricing and identified the vendors that have competitive rates you will need to start screening the retailers to make sure they are viable. Look at the return policy, in the event the product is damaged during shipping you want peace of mind knowing that you can return it without having to pay an additional shipping fee. Never buy from a retailer that doesn’t have an exchange policy posted on their website, you could be asking for trouble. When you have covered all of these steps you will be able to enjoy great tasting food in an ethical manner so start performing your research now.