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Long-Distance Caregiving

Long-Distance Caregiving
From Caring for Yourself While Caring for Your Aging Parents by Claire Berman
Those faced with the challenge of long-distance caregiving find the following helpful:

·        Placing calls to check up on the parent and reassure themselves

·        Paying visits to the parent as frequently as circumstances permit

·        Identifying a trusted observer who will check in with the frail elder

·        Networking services and service providers within the parentís community

·        Arranging for programs, like Meals on Wheels, to meet the older parentís nutritional requirements

·        Taking advantage of family leave opportunities at work and when necessary, utilizing the services of local agencies

·        Employing a geriatric care manager or elder-law attorney to assess, and assist in meeting a parentís needs

·        Becoming knowledgeable about the parentís illness or disability

·        Offering help with financial matters

·        Joining a support group

·        Serving as a source of support to the parent and to the primary caregiver